Dec 012011
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Tysea Manufacturing Inc

is a family owned custom metal manufacturing business with a primary focus on custom heavy equipment attachments. Tysea's high standards and commitment to quality ensure customer satisfaction to the last detail. We take pride in being readily adaptable to your needs, and have made it our mandate to get the job done professionally and efficiently every time. Read More About Tysea Mfg
Tysea Mfg Inc. is a family owned custom heavy equipment attachment manufacturer.  Manufacturing attachments for excavators, wheel loaders and skid steers.
Heavy Duty Excavator Mat Grapples.  Excavator attachments used for handling mats.

Excavator Mat Grapples
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Tysea Mfg Inc heavy duty excavator pipe handler.  Excavator attachment used for precise handling and placing of pipes and poles.

Excavator Pipe Handlers
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Tysea Mfg's excavator pipe pole grapple.  An excavator attachment used to securely handle pipes and poles.

Excavator Pipe Pole Grapples
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Rush Rentals Ltd, heavy equipment attachment rentals.  Rentals available for skid steers, wheel loader and excavators.  Custom attachments available.

Rush Rentals Ltd.

is the sister company to Tysea Mfg Inc. Specializing in high quality, heavy equipment attachment rentals. All rentals are maintained and serviced through Tysea Mfg, ensuring that each attachment is of the utmost quality. Read More About Rush Rentals
Excavator FOPS, ROPS or guarding.   Protecting the excavator operator form rollovers, falling objects and more.

Fops and Guarding
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Wheel loader chip buckets.  High capacity, heavy duty wheel loader attachment that allows for high visibily with screens as well as high capacity loads.

Wheel Loader Chip Buckets
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Wheel loader snow blade / snow plow.  Heavy duty wheel loader attachment with bolt on edge for easy replacement.

Wheel Loader Snow Blades
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Tysea's Newly Designed Excavator Mat Grapple. Features Include; wireless control setup with two handles and proportional controls, 360° rotate, open and close, Heavy Duty Rotate Bearing, Valve in Head, Bolt on cutting edge with Pin On Teeth on opposing side, 2 - vis 40 Eaton Hydraulic Motor rotate and more! Just Plug in and Go! More of Tysea's Videos Here