Excavator Brush Rakes

Tysea’s excavator brush rakes efficiently sort and move brush, debris and other loose materials.  The rake’s profile and tine spacing allows for such debris to be collect while leaving behind soil.  Therefore, lowering transportation costs and creating a more efficient process.

Brush Rakes are iadeally used in forestry, construction and scrap handling operations, where sorting of materials is needed.

Tysea’s excavator brush rakes are manufacture with a heavy duty profile, fit together with wide spaced tines.  A horizontal bar and back plate support the tines along with gussets for maximum strength.  Tine spacing and teeth configurations can be customized to your specs.

Combine our brush rakes with one of Tysea’s excavator hydraulic Thumbs to create an even more efficient land clearing tool.

For applications requiring stump removal we recommend our heavy duty excavator Stumpers.  Also, check out Tysea’s excavator Mounding Rakes, which are ideal for raking, ripping and cultivating the earth.

Heavy duty excavator brush rake for the forestry industry manufactured by Tysea Mfg

Brush Rake Features

  • Heavy duty construction and design
  • Custom tine spacing
  • Custom teeth configurations 
  • Replaceable bolt on teeth
Heavy duty excavator brush rake manufactured by Tysea Mfg.  6 tine design, painted black with replaceable cat style teeth.