Excavator Pipe Handler


Tysea Mfg. Inc’s all new Excavator pipe and pole grapple securely lifts, tilts and rotates pipe with superior performance obtained by these three hydraulic functions. 

With 360° rotate left and right, 30° tilt, open and close and a smooth operating system the operator is able to precisely handle pipe and poles.

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Heavy duty excavator utility handler attachments.  Painted yellow with black grabber arms.  Manufactured by Tysea Mfg.
Heavy duty excavator pipe handler, painted yellow with black grabber arms.  Manufactured by Tysea Mfg.
Heavy duty pipe handler excavator attachment manufactured by Tysea Mfg.  Painted Yellow with black grabber arms and accents.

Bolted onto the inside of the yellow grabber arms are UMHW wear pads specifically placed to minimize and prevent any wear that may occur while the operator is handling product.  With the ability to handle pipe ranging from 6″ – 36″ in diameter,  this enables the pipe handler to far surpass the modern way of laying pipe with a sling and bucket.  In addition to saving you money with more efficient work times.

Equipped with 2 Vis Eaton rotate motors for performance and handling, as well as heavy duty cylinders manufactured by Tysea Mfg Inc.  The pipe handler is not only effective it is heavy duty and durable.

Excavator pipe handler.  Side profile showing closeup of grabber arms and hydraulic lines.
Excavator pipe handler.  Showing rear view of grabber installed on excavator.  Grabber arms, hydraulic lines and cylinders.
Excavator pipe handler.  Showing under side view of UMHW wear pads on grabber arms.
Excavator pipe handler.  Showing front view of handler at an angle demonstrating 30 degree tilt capabilites.

Pipe Hanlder Features

  • Heavy duty construction and design
  • Pressure and speed controls
  • 6″-36″ pole diameter capabilities
  • Custom pole diameter capabilities
  • UMHW wear pads for added durability
  • 2 Vis Eaton rotate motors
  • Heavy duty hydraulic cylinder manufactured by Tysea Mfg.

Our state of the art IFM German manufactured led touch screen is installed inside the cab of the machine for easy access.  This enables the operator full control of changing pressures and speeds with ease when handling different materials, all without ever leaving the cab.

Excavator mat grapple showing side view with tilt up to 30 degree.  Rotate up to 360 degrees.
Excavator pipe handler showing tilt up to 30 degrees with rotate up to 360 degrees.

Heavy Equipment Attachments

All of Tysea’s Excavator, Wheel Loader and Skid Steer attachments can be custom manufactured by Tysea Mfg to suit your job requirements.