Excavator Wheeled Compactors

Tysea’s excavator compaction wheels also knows as a sheepsfoot, are the ideal excavator attachment for soil compaction.  Sheepsfoot compactors are beneficial for breaking up and compacting hard soils such as clay.  These compaction wheels excel where regular vibratory compaction systems do not.  

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Excavator wheeled compactor, sheepsfoort or compaction wheel attachment

Compaction Wheel Benefits

Vibratory systems pose a risk to nearby cement pads, piping and fittings.  Due to the smooth compaction process of the compactor wheel, these risks are significantly if not completely eliminated. 

Sheepsfoot compactors create a uniform soil combination with a mixing motion that kneads and breaks up soil, providing better soil compaction in trenches.

Wheeled Compactor Features

  • Heavy duty design and construction
  • Custom built to machine and customer specs

Excavator compaction wheel or sheepsfoot attachment